Electronic Innovations

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The innovative thought introducing a new and successful product, method of principal or alternative reasoning

is constituted by rational visionary thinking.


We develop technical equipment and electronics for clients whom seek to enterprise for a new market place and whom are already market leading with new technique. Being market leading much more then ever before proves to be a global issue.

In more instances the start of product development coincides with the submission of one or more patents applicable to newly used working principles. We expect that the global business interest of patent protected product will strongly increase over the coming decades.

Together with collegial companies, with whom we frequently cooperate, we achieved more then ninety men years of knowledge in the development of electronics and electronic functioning product.


A request for a small product can be executed by one or two engineers. With large and/or complex projects requested for a workgroup can be scaled to match the project demands.


In our corporate library we can access many of the most important IEC, NEN and EN normalization documents in order to design or to verify product CE standardization and jurisdictional legal compatibility. The data bank source of these documents is under further development. Contents of these documents will for the time being not be publicly available.


Other then performing design work on client requests we participate in a limited amount in the manufacture of technical specialized subassembly’s technique and customer ready end product. We are also globally market active with our own product traded under the ELIN™ branch name (hence the name of our website).




Please note ; This website is under development.